Corporate & Institutional

Artwork in corporate and institutional settings should successfully communicate and enhance an organization’s identity, image, and values.


At CNAA we advise on art selections in corporate offices, law firms and airports, and specifically tailor our art advisory services to meet the unique needs of each corporate and public sector client.

An initial consultation regarding the client’s goals is paramount. A well-placed sculpture in the front of the building or carefully selected art works in the lobby can create a powerful first impression. At CNAA, we are adept at working with artists to create site-specific commissions, collaborating with architects, real estate developers, and designers.

CNAA always takes the long view, ensuring that our art management, acquisition and curatorial services offer sound planning, appropriate selection and maximum value.

Individual Collectors

CNAA understands collecting art is a personal pursuit.

CNAA works closely with clients to help inform and deepen their knowledge and appreciation of fine art. Each new client receives an initial consultation to help define personal interests and aesthetics, and to establish goals for collecting. After careful research, clients will receive a fully customized look book, where the client will view a large image library of art selected for him or her to further hone in on their final selections.

Over the course of 25 years in the art world, Numark has been recognized for introducing new, exciting voices to the most seasoned collectors. Her clients are advised on acquisitions based on their current collection and future goals, and have the opportunity to discuss collection management.

CNAA clients may also have the opportunity to travel with CNAA to galleries, museums, and art fairs around the world in pursuit of art. CNAA travels to art galleries, museums, auction houses, artist studios, and private dealers throughout the US and Europe. CNAA regularly visits major global art fairs and exhibitions including Art Basel, Art Basel Miami, Frieze, the Venice Biennale, and many others.


Public Art & Outdoor Sculpture

We have a passion for quality art.

Numark’s love of sculpture and passion for exposing as many people to quality art as possible has propelled CNAA to champion more projects that engage people with art in the public sphere. CNAA works with architects, landscape designers, real estate developers, and institutions to commission and place large scale sculpture for commercial buildings, public spaces and gardens.


Secondary Market

CNAA gives you access to blue chip art in the secondary market through close relationships with museums, galleries, artists, auction houses and collectors world-wide.

Many collectors seek museum-quality art by historically significant artists. As a CNAA client, you will have access to blue chip art in the secondary market through CNAA’s close relationships with museums, galleries, artists, auction houses, and collectors world-wide.

Numark guides clients on the best strategies to buy or sell art. CNAA assesses the significance of an artist’s work, researches desirability and provides a customized look book of art recommendations when clients are looking to acquire. As an art appraiser, she is able to provide valuations of art work for insurance and estate planning for clients looking to buy or sell.


Consulting Services

CNAA provides comprehensive art advisory services from the initial step of helping clients develop a vision for their collections to making sure each acquired artwork is installed and lit perfectly.

Curation and Cultivation
  • Initial visit with client to assist in defining client’s vision, goals, and aesthetic preferences
  • Visiting museum shows and gallery exhibitions with client
  • Market research and recommendations
  • Preparing customized look book for each client to present various art options for each location
  • Identifying potential acquisitions
  • Determining condition and authenticity
  • Coordinating viewings
Legal and administrative services
  • Negotiating payment terms
  • Drafting or reviewing contracts for sale or purchase
  • Negotiating terms and drafting contracts for the commissioning of art work
  • Insurance
  • Packaging and shipping
  • Selecting and overseeing framing, installation and lighting
  • Collection management
  • USPAP compliant appraisals for estate planning, insurance, equitable distribution and other legal and tax matters
  • Affiliation with Appraisers Association of America (AAA)  ensures our appraisals meet stringent ethical and competency standards

CNAA services are customized, comprehensive, and confidential.