Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas, Texas


The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport boasts an art program and impressive collection including works by over 30 national and international artists.  A highlight of the collection are the wall works by internationally reknown artist Sol LeWitt in the INS Hall.  The commission, organized by Cheryl Numark, is comprised of two trapezoidal paintings applied directly to the wall, facing one another from opposite ends of the INS Hall, each measuring 8.5 feet to 23 feet high x 100 feet wide.  Lewitt (1928 – 2007), a leading light in both the Conceptual and Minimalist art movements, is equally well known for his large-scale cubic sculptures that grace many museum sculpture gardens, as he is for his prolific output of wall drawings, paintings and drawings, that can be found on the walls of major museums and large public institutions. This piece commissioned for DFW exemplifies the bold, colorful, and geometric aesthetic commonly celebrated in his later two-dimensional work.