Consulting Services

CNAA provides comprehensive art advisory services from the initial step of helping clients develop a vision for their collections to making sure each acquired artwork is installed and lit perfectly.

Curation and Cultivation

  • Initial visit with client to assist in defining client’s vision, goals, and aesthetic preferences
  • Visiting museum shows and gallery exhibitions with client
  • Market research and recommendations
  • Preparing customized look book for each client to present various art options for each location
  • Identifying potential acquisitions
  • Determining condition and authenticity
  • Coordinating viewings

Legal and administrative services

  • Negotiating payment terms
  • Drafting or reviewing contracts for sale or purchase
  • Negotiating terms and drafting contracts for the commissioning of art work
  • Insurance


  • Packaging and shipping
  • Selecting and overseeing framing, installation and lighting
  • Collection management


  • USPAP compliant appraisals for estate planning, insurance, equitable distribution and other legal and tax matters
  • Affiliation with Appraisers Association of America (AAA)  ensures our appraisals meet stringent ethical and competency standards

CNAA services are customized, comprehensive, and confidential.

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